Home Remedies For You To Stop Snoring

Home Remedies For You To Stop Snoring

Public health authorities are alarmed by a strain of H5N1, also known as the virus of the bird flu, which has firs affected the birds across Asia and Russia. It also has infected more than 100 humans in the past 18 months, killing about half of them. Scientists fear that the virus could begin to spread between humans and so this will unleash a global pandemic.

At the annual regional meeting of the World Health Organization in Auckland, New Zealand, among other top items presented, it is expected to be discussed the H5N1 strain of bird flu.

There are many products available in the market that claim to help you stop snoring. However, some of these claims should not be taken at face value, as not all products will live up to their claims. Some claims are simply marketing strategies employed by manufacturers to sell their product. Make sure you know what are trying and it always best to consult your physician should anything not make sense to you.


By this moment all the cases when humans were taken ill appeared due to a close contact with infected poultry, but some special cases, like the one when a whole family (seven members) died because the members spread the disease to one another, have warned the scientists about the possibility that the disease could mutate and then transmit easier between humans, leading to a global pandemic.

Just remember that a healthier lifestyle will always help reduce your snoring. But what exactly does living a healthier lifestyle mean? What foods do we eat to reduce or take away our snoring problems? How many hours of sleep do we need to maintain our present state of good health? How many exercises are appropriate for our age and physical condition? What is the right exercise program that a person adopt to get healthier? Is it okay to take some alcohol, even just a little? Are snacks right before sleep okay? These and more questions come to mind with the advice of a healthier and active lifestyle. Who can we turn to for answers?

The spokesman of WHO declared that even though the cold months in Asia might reduce the damage produced by the disease, the risk factors will remain the same.

Richard Nesbit, the acting regional director for the Western Pacific of WHO sustained that the pandemic risk is still present because the virus is highly embedded in the environment. Besides the continuous outbreaks in poultry in Indonesia, now there have appeared new cases in Cambodia and Thailand too.

Richard Nesbit said that there is hope that we will gain control over the disease, and gave as example the case of Vietnam that had 42 people deceased of bird flu (this situating the country in the chart of victims on the second place after Indonesia with 49 dead people), and after the government’s campaign regarding a mass vaccination of poultry there were not recorded any new fatalities.

Snoring will present a huge problem not only for you but also to your partner in bed. They will not be able to have a decent sleep as you continue to snore them out of their sleeping pattern. Snoring causes many more problems than meets the eye. With all the stress and anxiety created by your lack of sleep, snoring will eventually get the best of you. It is very important that you get yourself some help with this problem. Many snorers have thought that this habit would go away with time.

Very simple, your family doctor is the answer. With his knowledge on your physical status and condition, your previous medical issues, and your medication history, your doctor will be the right person to ask these questions.