Fitness Tips For Golfers

Key Fitness Tips For Serious Golfers

You see, way before that laid-back looking game, there are many forms of exercises or routines that could make a golfers body fit for the sport. Here are some pre-game stretches that you could practice even in the convenience of your home:

Rotation of the Back – while standing, rotate the upper part of your body to one side. Reach as far back as you can while both feet are flat on the ground. Do this on the other side, too and repeat.

Hamstring Stretch – rest one leg in front of one chair. Reach your toe while the leg is rested on the chair. A stretch should be felt.

Shoulder Stretch – reach your arm across your chest towards the back of your shoulder. With the aid of your opposite hand, stretch your arm towards your chest. Hold and do a repetition on the opposite side.


Hip Stretches – hold on to a golf cart or pole (whichever is available) then cross one leg towards the pole. Be sure to keep your back and legs straight. Then, slowly lean your hip towards the pole. Hold this position then repeat as you deem necessary.

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The Achilles Stretch – while standing, lean forward by bending one leg. Make sure that your back is straight and that both heels are on the ground. Hold this position then shift to the other leg.

The Thigh Stretch – pull your foot backwards towards your buttocks. You should be able to feel a tight stretch in front of your thighs.

Always remember that regardless of your health condition or age, pre-game stretches are necessary to prevent injuries that could result from playing golf. Rule number oneyou must always have warm-ups. The stretches that would follow should be done slowly and easily. Never allow yourself to be pushed to the limit where pain already ensues. One or two repetitions should be sufficient to stretch your sleeping muscles:

The Chest stretch – stand straight. Now take a golf club and hold it behind your back. Next, slowly raise the club then lower it. Do repetitions. Make sure that your chest is always up.

Rotation of the Hips – cross one leg over the opposite knee and slowly lean forward to put pressure on the knee. Hold and repetition should be done with the other leg.

Now that youre all warm and stretched up, be sure to make a proper choice on the exercises or routines that you are going to engage into. There are workouts that would suit the active and there are also yoga classes that would fit the more docile individual.

Trunk Flexion – while seated, bend forward and reach out for your toes.

Back Stretches lean backwards as both feet are firmly planted on the floor. The hips should be pushed forward.