Multivitamins To Supplement Your Diet

How To Choose The Right Multi-Vitamins

Both private and government bodies have shown that consumers sometimes only have a 20% chance of buying a product that is not contaminated with toxins or one that actually has the ingredients stated to the label.

This is because men and women have different biological make-ups and needs.

First, let’s discuss the quality of ingredients.

A nutrient known as alpha lipioc acid, as just one example, is literally 400 times more powerful as an antioxidant than Vitamin C. But you won’t find it in any regular multivitamin product…nor will you find DMAE, a crucial nutrient for healthy brain function, and which has been shown to be depleted in those with Alzheimer’s, NADH, which allows the body to create more energy, or potent immune system enhancers like Beta Glucan.


So, let’s weigh the evidence..

Vitamins and supplements are not currently required by law to follow pharmaceutical GMP compliance and most manufacturers do not, because the tight regulations increases their operating costs.

In plain English, this means that the presence of other nutrients are required for the vitamins to even work at all. As just one example, the mineral calcium needs vitamin D to be absorbed, so it makes sense to use a product that contains both of them.

With thousands of products proliferating the market all claiming to be the best multivitamin, the process of choosing a multivitamin can seem downright daunting.

Most multivitamins claiming to be the best use cheap ingredients, fillers, and additives. The reason is simple: the cheaper the ingredients, the less the cost for them to produce, and the higher their profit margin.

Almost all store bought multivitamin products claiming
to be the best multivitamin use cheap, synthetic ingredients.

For example, in a particular trial, natural beta carotene (which is much more costly) was responsible for eliminating tumors, whereas the synthetic version of beta carotene had no effect whatsoever.

So, how can you ensure you’re getting a product that is manufactured to the best industry standards?

Lastly, it’s important to realize that common everyday vitamins, although necessary, are very weak antioxidants when compared against other powerful nutrients that you simply won’t find in “multivitamin products.”

It’s important to realize, first and foremost, that what may be the best womens multivitamin will differ from what is the best for men.


It’s only natural that every manufacturer will espouse the highest value for their own product, leading to confusion amongst consumers who just want the best multivitamin for their health.

When choosing a multivitamin, you need to also consider the issue of manufacturing. Most people do not understand just how crucial stringent manufacturing is.

Because many vitamins and nutrients work synergistically.

The Importance of Nutrients in Choosing a Multivitamin

The best multivitamin should improve your health, not possibly worsen it!

Moreover, many enzymes and herbs can greatly enhance the efficacy of vitamins. This is why the best multivitamin should actually contain a completely scientifically formulated balance of minerals, herbal extracts, enzymes, and other nutrients, in addition to vitamins.
The Best MultiVitamin….

By only buying supplements produced in pharmaceutical GMP facilities, that’s how. These facilities adhere to extremely rigorous manufacturing standards, similar to those required by law of pharmaceutical drugs.

Now, let’s talk about other nutrients. The fact of the matter is that the best multivitamin product on the market absolutely cannot just have vitamins in it.