Are Physical Trainers Considered Attractive

Are Physical Trainers Generally Considered Attractive

We have all seen physical trainers who seem very fit and often attractive simply because if their toned and muscular bodies but does this mean that physical trainers in general seem attractive to most people. This is somewhat an interesting topic I wanted to cover for this blog, as I love encouraging people to start working out and what is better motivation than to be considered attractive for just being yourself.

To write about this topic, I started talking about this subject with my friends who are single and a few who are in relationships too and this is what I found. Most women do find personal trainers attractive on a general basis but there is a criteria that came up a bit too often for this to be true for them… and this criteria was simply that the guy should not be too big or buff in size. This is not to say that most of these women like the lean kind of physique in men but they specifically mentioned that when a guy gets too big in size that is not attractive. On a side note, I think this is not the case in most people until we start considering people who take body building as a profession.

On the other end were the men who had various answers to this question about whether they thought that female physical trainers were generally considered attractive by them, and the answer in most cases was yes. To add to this answer came points like that women who are too muscular are not considered that attractive.

So, I did this little survey and post to write about how people are in good shape, healthy and muscular have many advantages in general one of which isĀ  being attractive in general and the best part is that this is just part of who you become. I was reading about a review to a book called Unlock her legs by a guy called Bobby Rio. This book discusses in detail about what is attractive to women and how men can attract women easily. I feel that any man that is single and wants to attract women should also get more muscular and toned in addition to applying the techniques in this book, as this would make it an irresistible combination for women.

So, get healthy and strong even if you just want to become more attractive as a person. This is my simple advice for this post. Until next time.